Tubes have been the most common packaging solution produced by RatioPac over the years. We offer both plastic and aluminium tubes in every possible format. Customers’ needs determine the specific version to be utilized.

Aluminium tubes are suitable for adhesives, silicone, sealants, and solvent-based products, while plastic tubes are used for products such as grease, putty, oil, and body care products.

Tubes have a range of filling volumes from 2 ml to 250 ml, and are available in diameters from 16 to 50 millimetres. The maximum diameter of 50 millimetres is also available as an oval tube.

All filling takes place using modern machines from Norden Machinery, which is the world leader in the manufacture of tube filling systems. The tubes are filled from the bottom end and then sealed using heat (plastic) or compression (aluminium). Printed design and information is the best solution for giving the tube a personal design.