About RatioPac

Welcome to RatioPac! We are a family company that specializes in packaging solutions—filling, printing, and packing chemical technical products. Not only do we work with some of Sweden’s biggest private consumption brands, but we are also able to provide advice and production for any company, large or small, looking for the best possible packaging solutions.

RatioPac works primarily with contract packing, contract filling, and short run filling of different types of packaging. We specialize in the areas of tubes, cartridges, bags, bottles, cans, and blister packs. With our expertise, we can help our clients (sometimes as early as the concept stage) by developing cost effective packaging that meets the needs of the end user.

The packaging industry is a very competitive global market. At RatioPac, we are continuously refining our machinery and creating solutions that allow us to be able to ensure the highest possible quality for the end product. This makes RatioPac one of the market’s leading companies. We have several long-term collaborations with customers across Sweden and Europe who appreciate these high quality end products, as well as our high level of individualized personal service and delivery reliability.

Tubes or bottles? Plastic or aluminium? At RatioPac, we are able to determine what type of packaging will best suit your specific material. Since we began in 1980, we have built an extensive network of partners. We are able to assist our clients with the designing and printing of a variety of high quality packaging solutions.

For more information or to request a quote for your product, please contact us by phone or email. You are also welcome to book a visit to meet with our team at our production facility in Borgholm, the heart of Öland. We look forward to working with you to meet your packaging needs!